Our Mission


Our Vision

We see our church services and group meetings as places where members will pray, praise and worship with deep spiritual hunger, passionate hearts, exuberant expression, deep intimacy and honor for God. And we see God glorified and manifesting His glory in mighty signs, wonders and miracles.

We see 500 worshippers gathering together every week for corporate intercession to release God’s power to touch the lives of individuals, bringing a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit and enforcing God’s kingdom in the church and the nation.

We see all our members connected to each other with covenant relationship and community in smallgroups all over the city for care, edification,discipleship, and outreach, flowing with corporate unity together with other ministries to fulfill God’s vision and agenda for our church.

We see our members consumed with touching the world for Jesus Christ, with everyone being equipped and empowered to pray, to reach out and to share the Gospel with the community.

We see them passionately involved with God’s global agenda through the release of resources, giving and sending of workers, teams and missionaries into the world.

We see our church reaching out to the hurt and the needy through our community transformation programs by providing shelter, care, counseling, training and job placements, by setting up orphanages,feeding centers and soup kitchens, kidney dialysis centers,medical assistance centers, family counseling centers and other appropriate social concern projects.

We see our church extending the kingdom and enlarging our influence by starting multi-site congregations and planting churches in Malaysia and in other nations. We plan to plant at least one new church a year.

We see our church as a place of training for systematic discipleship, ministry and leadership development and life skills training to empower our members in their personal lives, home, career and ministry through our services, training institutes and seminars and also to establish a full-time Bible School.

We see our church as a place of empowerment and development of spirit-filled and strategic leadership that will be deployed and positioned in different realms of the workplace throughout Malaysia and beyond.

We see our church investing time, effort and finances to reach and empower the younger generation especially the children and the youth. We will develop a cutting edge children and youth ministry and envision a youth training institute and a children ministry institute.

We see our church having 5000 members who will call Metro Tabernacle their family. We see them wisely led, lovingly cared for and effectively equipped for ministry. They will be men and women who have committed themselves to grow in Christ-like maturity, faithfulness in serving and financial giving,ready to introduce Jesus Christ and united in the corporate health and vision of the church.




Metro Tabernacle is a community of people made up of different nationalities, ages, marital status and walks of life growing in understanding of God's Word, worshipping and serving God together and serving our community.