Immanuel is three words compounded into one word: ''With us God.'' “Im” = with, “manu” = us and “el” = God. “el” is a shortened form of Elohim. So “Im-manu-el” means “God with us.”

We live in some of the harshest of times for vulnerable people caught in the worst of places. A messy, dangerous, unpredictable, uncertain and chaotic world who desperately need a reason for hope. The prophet Isaiah promised that one day a virgin would give birth to a child who would literally be God with us (Isaiah 9: 6). 700 years later Jesus fulfilled that prophecy.

Emmanuel, the Hope of the world awaits those who look to Him.

Christmas Life Group Celebrations


Christmas Gear up Gathering* Coming together to prepare as bearers of the Good News.


Christmas Connecting Activities. Experience a week of bringing Christmas cheers to friends and neighbours.


Christmas Celebration Gathering* Celebrate Emmanuel and experience the hope we have in him.

* Life groups to set time and date for gathering to be done online or onsite.

Join a life group to experience Emmanuel this Christmas. Whatever we go through, God with us brings renewed hope as we celebrate together Christ’s birth.

Contact the church or a pastor Call us at 03-61841658/012-2155543/email us at online

Christmas Celebration Services

25 DECEMBER 2021 @ 10AM

Celebrate with us on-site or online this Christmas Day as a family. Expect a heartfelt message filled with Christmas cheers and carols and special presentations prepared just for you and your family.

Limited edition gift mugs will be given to all our guest during our Christmas Day Service. (whilst stocks lasts!)

also live- streaming on:

King’s Kids Christmas

It is Christmas season once again. MetroTab has prepared a special Christmas gift mug for all of MetroTab family this December as well as all our guests during our Christmas Celebration Service on-site on the 25th December 2021 @ 10am. (Whilst stocks lasts!)

With a beautiful Emmanuel, Hope of the world design, this gift mug will be distributed by the church.

You may choose to collect on-site after our church services or from the church office during office hours.

Prior arrangements can be made via:
Call / WhatsApp : 011-12443938
Email :

Collections can be made for self or family members staying in the same house. This is to avoid any double collection and ease the recording process as the Pastoral staff will also be doing their rounds of delivery too.

Your cooperation is much appreciated.

Blessed Christmas!

This food, microwave and dishwasher safe gift mug can also be purchased at Treasure Chest for only RM10.

Great as aChristmas gift for friends and relatives!