king's kids

Their laughter, playfulness and endless questions – Children are a joy to God and to us!

Here in King’s Kids, they learn about God’s love, plan and purpose for them. Our teachers are dedicated, loving and creative. We are passionate about your children and we understand that the Kingdom of God belongs to them too (Mark 10:14).

Toddlers             (10 months – 2 years)
Nursery 1           (2 years – 3 years)

Nursery 2           (3 years – 4 years)

Pre-School 1       (4 years – 5 years)
Pre-School 2       (5 years – 6 years)

Primary 1              (7 years)
Primary 2              (8 years)

Middler  1             (9 years)
Middler  2             (10 years)

Junior                 (11 years)
Tweens              (12 years)

when do we meet?

Discover how your children can grow with us on Sundays @ 10.00am , Hall 2 (Ground Floor)

Contact us for more Information:

Pastor Tay SeokLian
Tel: 603 – 6184 1658

I want to serve!

Discover how you can serve in Kings Kids

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