NexGen is all about loving God, loving others and rising up to fulfil the great commission.
We are always excited to see God move in and through the lives of teenagers and we are passionate in cultivating wholesomeness in their mind, heart, emotion and spiritual life. We encourage teenagers to embrace their unique God-given purpose and learn to be stewards of the Lord.


We see our teenagers engaged in growing-up as passionate young people towards God and their peers. Recognizing that they are at a special stage of life, we create fun-filled atmosphere where friendship building happens.


In building up our teenagers, we design platforms to disciple and mentor them to be God fearing people who will take their stand for God and equip them with life skills for their future.


NexGen is a safe harbour for teenagers to share their thoughts and experiences and everyone is accepted just as they are.

when do we meet?

We meet regularly on Sundays at the Seminar Hall located on the 1st Floor at 10.00am with the exception of 1st week of the month where we will combine with the English Service for communion. We also organize various events through-out the year such as youth camps, group activities and interaction, discipleship, sports, seminars and the list grows!

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Pastor Iris Kong

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