work life ministry

The business and the corporate world are getting increasingly complex. Employment of new skills and equipment learned on the run, leveraging through networking, tapping from various mentors, working long hours are the order of the day in the present highly competitive and ever-changing business environment. And I am not just talking about conglomerates. The same applies to the SMEs too.
In order to minister holistically to the boomers, the Gen-Xers and now the Gen-Yers the church needs to stay relevant. Gone were the days where to aspire for the corner office, to be a business person or to even work for oneself is an unattainable goal. That desire is suppressed. But then God gives us the desires of our heart when we delight in him (Psalm 37:4). You can aspire for the stars. Look, Abraham aspired for the stars and he got it. We want to help develop and release those desires.

The WorkLife Department aims to reach, raise, rally and release a new generation of godly corporate and business leaders through these 4 arms:
Mentoring Emerging Entrepreneurs
Providing Consultancy and Counsel for SME entrepreneurs and Career people
Organising Seminars and Conferences for mutual up skilling
Providing a platform Corporate and Business people to Serve, Fellowship and Network

Metro Tabernacle is a community of people made up of different nationalities, ages, marital status and walks of life growing in understanding of God's Word, worshipping and serving God together and serving our community.