metro resource centre

MRC is an educational arm of the Metro Tabernacle A/G

Our vision is to embrace technology and deliver excellence in education, providing for the complete development of the spirit, body and soul through an integrated and relational platform which is embedded in the EDUSEEDS curriculum.

(EDUcation: Synergistic Excellence for Education Development and Success)

Our Mission Statement

  • To provide children with a complete character-based approach to tutorial education
  • To serve alongside with parents their child’s spiritual, academic and social development
  • To provide an international Bible-based academic curriculum  incorporating technology facilities
  • To provide a Christ-centric environment to develop caring and responsible citizens.

We believe that every child of God has the potential to be successful. It is vitally important to have a Biblical worldview of what success means. At this centre every child is defined as

an “A” achiever (“….wonderfully made,” Ps.139:14)
able to receive proper training
“in the ways he should go.”
(Pr. 22:6).

Our Beliefs:

  • Every child is unique and learns differently. Thus, no single approach will work for every child.
  • Every child must develop a thorough proficiency in reading.
  • A personalized learning plan must be constructed for every student defining where he/she is and where he/she needs to go. This educational plan will help instill academic confidence and motivation.
  • Every child, given a positive environment, effective tools and loving direction, can achieve excellence.
  • That every child has a destiny in his/her life from God.

Our curriculum:

Grades 1 to 6 – EDUSEEDS curriculum
EDUSEEDS is designed as an international academic curriculum modelled after the Cambridge examination syllabus – IGCSE
(International General Certificate of Secondary School Education).

School Schedule

School starts at 8.30 a.m. on Mondays to Fridays.
The school terms follow that of the public schools.
The day begins with an assembly except on Mondays where there is a general assembly.

Other activities besides the daily academic subjects are the weekly

  • Chapel
  • Emerging leadership Rangers ( EL)
  • Physical Education

Yearly Functions:

  • Inter-centre Sports Day
  • Inter-centre Talent Competition
  • Inter-centre (Combined) Field Trips
  • EL camps
  • Awards night


Evelyn Ho (Principal)

03 -61880458
(School-days: 8.30 a.m. – 3.00 p.m.)

(School-days: After 3.00 p.m. on school-days)

Metro Tabernacle is a community of people made up of different nationalities, ages, marital status and walks of life growing in understanding of God's Word, worshipping and serving God together and serving our community.